G10N Fugaku model error

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G10N Fugaku model error

Post by Cdiplayer »

Hey, just wanted to report that in game the G10N Fugaku model is improperly sized, its super tiny, so small you can hardly see it. It just needs to be scaled up.
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Re: G10N Fugaku model error

Post by Nerei »

You can adjust the scales of the model quite easily if you want to. I know ideally it should be officially fixed but until then you might want to patch it yourself

Find default.picnums in graphics/meshes of the SR root folder. In that document look for the last value of entry 1614 which is 0.009 (it should also be labelled as the G10N1 in the comments). That is the scale of the model. It has been a long time since I looked at that model but all I can find is that the model originally had a scale of 0.048. You can try setting it to something like that.

You do not need to restart or recompile when adjusting default.picnums. Loading a savegame should be enough as the game appears to read it when loading a game.
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Re: G10N Fugaku model error

Post by Balthagor »

Fixed for the next update, thanks.
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