Resolving Graphics Issues, Alt-Tab, Lockups

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Resolving Graphics Issues, Alt-Tab, Lockups

#1 Post by George Geczy » May 21 2019

In SRU and SRGW some users have experienced graphics issues in Windows 10, and these are generally attributed to graphics driver issues that can be resolved either with game option adjustments or driver updates. Here are some resolutions to the most common problems encountered by players:

- Screen Lock up when starting game from the menu - Intel GPUs (ie Intel HD Graphics 620, etc)
There is an issue with the Intel 2018 video drivers. These are still the most current drivers automatically installed by Windows 10, although they are many versions behind the current Intel GPU drivers.
You can find your current driver version by running DXDIAG (type "dxdiag" in the search or run box in Windows), click on the "Display 1" tab, and you can see your driver version.
The Intel driver version should start with at least "25." (currently most recent at this writing is If your version is older than 25, then this is the problem, and you need to update the driver.

The download page for the latest Intel Video Driver is here: ... duct=96551

Select one of the choices under "Available Downloads" - using the .exe is usually the easiest to install.

- Freeze up when Alt-Tabbing
Some people have reported issues with Alt-tabbing out of and back into the game. These would be the solutions to try:

a) Running an Intel GPU? Make sure you have the latest driver (see above)
b) In the Game / Options / Graphics settings, make sure "Run Game in Windowed Mode" is set. If your game resolution is the same as your desktop resolution, it will look like full screen, but will be more compatible with alt-tabbing and overlays.
c) Check Game / Options / Graphics settings and turn on "Active Window Focus (Experimental)".

- Graphics artifacts and corruption
This is for when the game runs but graphics look corrupted. This happens differently on certain video cards and video driver versions.

a) Check Game / Options / Graphics settings and make sure the "Video Driver Buffer Fix" is checked.
b) Try setting "Use Hardware Vertex Processing" on or off.

- Slow Frame Rates, especially at certain zoom levels.
This can happen with certain video cards and drivers.

a) In Game / Options / Graphics settings, set Graphics Resolution to Low
b) Try setting "Use Hardware Vertex Processing" on or off.
c) Try turning off "Use 3D Terrain"

- Ensure you're using the correct video hardware (GPU).
In some systems you will also be able to switch between a discrete GPU (NVidia/AMD) and the Integrated GPU (ie Intel). Make sure you select the discrete GPU for your system.

For example, with the nVidia control panel installed, in your Windows Notification bar (bottom left) find NVidia Settings, select it and your NVidia Control Panel comes up. Go to "Manage 3d Settings". Look for "Preferred Graphics Processor". Select NVidia.

After you make a Graphics Options change you will need to exit normally (Back / Quit) and then restart the game for the settings to be saved and take effect.

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