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Base popup window

Post by andy_bgf »


When I select an airbase/sea port/barracks, there is a "base popup" button. When I click on it I see some messy UI:
base popup.png
base popup.png (79.24 KiB) Viewed 467 times
It always shows "Air Reserves" for me, and the small rectangle below that text has a popup (on mouse hover) that says ""UNI_C5?" (not shown here)
If I change the combobox from "All Reserves" to some base, it doesn't do anything beside centering the map on that base - the list of units is the same.

What is the purpose of this window? How is it different to just looking at the reserves in defense tab? Was this an attempt of a bigger version/window of that? If so, then I can only applaud you, because with large countries it is annoying that you see only 4-5 units at once w/o scrolling and can't filter collapse/uncollapse by type (e.g. interceptors).

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Re: Base popup window

Post by evildari »

If you select another branch of your forces in the defense tab it also changes in that window.
The data you see in this screen is only for reserves (else i would already (ab)used that for my mod).
I guess this is a test or still in development - but i didnt see much changes between this version and the previous version.
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