Asset manager does not read decimals

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Asset manager does not read decimals

#1 Post by Nerei » Jan 11 2019

Basically the tool ignores any periods in values treating them as integers.

The weight of say the BF-109G is 2.68 if you open default.unit in a text editor but when viewed in the asset manager it is 268.
It is not just a display issue either. If you export the file the weight of the BF-109G will now be 268.

If you load say default.picnums and look at meshscale you will also notice that they are all displayed as integers while in reality they are mostly decimal numbers below 1.

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Re: Asset manager does not read decimals

#2 Post by Balthagor » Jan 11 2019

k, we'll take a look. ticket 22610.
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