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Population Transfer / Bug or feature

#1 Post by Domi » Aug 25 2018

Hi, playing my Germany campaign starting 1914. Now its 1958. Cause UdSSR und china conquerd Asia and nothern Europa and own half of the world with a ****** gpd of round 250 (mine is 4500) they ruined my eletrizity Produktion with a big overproduktion cause of no big civ demands. So i thought could wardec china to only destroy Power plants with a Special force group cause of this dam Produktion/demand thing und let them reconquer the hex. (It helpd my produktion already went up to +20% :D ). But now i lost 150 Million citicens! At war start i had round about 355 millions to now 200 Million.... seems as soon as i conquered a Chinese town many many people decides to live there cause of reasons.... |O btw. And with my destroy / let it reconqer plan the Chinese Pop went up from 750 to 900 Million.... i know, the sitze of the Population doesnt realy matter, but it just Kills a little fun when such thinks happen.

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