Clock freezing in multiplayer.

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Re: Clock freezing in multiplayer.

#16 Post by jln115 » Jun 30 2018

Balthagor wrote:
Jun 30 2018
No worries, hope someone comes up with some ideas. Firewall settings was a good place to start.
Yeah checked the firewall settings... don't think it's that, I'm guessing it could be the internet connection, on vacation at the moment and the WiFi connection at the resort is ridiculously slow..... Think I'll check when I get back home....not that my Internet speed is much better at home though...but TIA(this is Africa) I guess.

Once again I do apologise for going off like that, of all the things I can complain about, after sales support from BG studios definitely isn't one of them!

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Re: Clock freezing in multiplayer.

#17 Post by Balthagor » Jun 30 2018

Like I said, no worries.

But if you have a minute to leave us a Steam review, that would be much appreciated ;)
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