Higher Treasury - Higher Social Spending

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Higher Treasury - Higher Social Spending

#1 Post by Chivalry » Apr 25 2018

First of all, I am not sure if this is intended or a bug, but how it goes:

I. Problem

A. Having more money in bank does increas social spending. I find this unrealistic. We can already change taxes and social spending via a slider. Then why does having more money in bank increase spending automatically? There is already stuff like GDP/inflation that determines the social spending stuff, but having big amount of reserve money shouldn't increase social spending itself.

B. Another problem tied to this system is that, when your social spending increases automatically, your GDP increases aswell. This means that if your state is very rich, your GDP will increase, and increasing GDP alot in a short time increases inflation and reduces unemployment.

C. This system prevents me from manually controlling my trade deals. I like to make all trade deals by myself instead of leaving it to the minister. The way i do it, instead of making small trade deals daily, I make big deals like every month or so.

Because i make big deals, like selling petrolium for 50-100 billion, my treasury gets a spike, and this results in increased social spending, and that results ins increased GDP/inflation; reduced unemployment.

II. Proof:

A. Look at expenses tab and social spending when you have low amount of cash in your bank: It is 3 billion a day - (the number is a placeholder)

B. Sell all of your oil for 100 billion, and the next day your social spending is 3,5 billion a day.

III. Conclusion

If this is a bug, would like to see it fixed.
If this is intended, would like it to be removed so i can manually control my economy.

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