African Events

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African Events

Post by Clubfoot55 »

Are events like the Rhodesian Bush War and Nigerian Civil War modeled in Ultimate? Both of these were pretty relevant and although I know the game doesn't exactly model civil wars are they represented in any way?

Thanks in advance
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Re: African Events

Post by Balthagor »

Not currently. They happen more than 20 game years after the start of the sandbox to which they would be relevant. So much changes during play in game that the chances of that event happening in a logical way would need a very large number of conditional events and likely would get thrown off the rails consistently.
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Re: African Events

Post by YoMomma »

No they are not. I thought about this alot, but like you said it's hard to put in cival wars. Like they really dont make a point in my opinion in this game. Im even going as far as to not plan the ISIS stuff and what's going on in Nigeria, etc. Like you can add a region but lets compare rl. There can just go some officers from who know where hired or whatever, region buy or given specific military from a country to cause problems to the goverment. I would say this is best to be rp'ed as neighbours or a big country causing this by declaring war or hopefully one day alliances support eachother with unit designs and techs.

Also like ISIS control tons of small places arround the world, but in game they would have no infrastructure to connect them.
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