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Production Bug

#1 Post by golden.pole » Sep 24 2017

There are issues with Agriculture and Timber production. I deactivated all Agriculture and Timber facilities, but production was unchanged. I can lower production by using the Capacity/Demand sliders, but I can't lower it but deactivating facilities. Production of all other resources decreased as I kept deactivating facilities. Seems like there are issues only with Agriculture and Timber.
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Re: Production Bug

#2 Post by Balthagor » Sep 24 2017

As per the manual, agri and timber are produced partially by facilities, partially by the natural terrain in the region.
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Re: Production Bug

#3 Post by evildari » Sep 24 2017

&&WMPRODDATA, 0 <- food
bwmterrain, 1.000 <- i guess thats the entry in the wmdata file that enables "natural" production.
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