Sr-36 / SRU - Reduce Number of Active Units for Medium-Sized Countries

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Sr-36 / SRU - Reduce Number of Active Units for Medium-Sized Countries

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jul 30 2017

Recommendation: please have the AI reduce the number of Active ground units keep by medium-sized countries, where this applies to the Road to War (in particular).

Examples: Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Finland........and, others (most South American as well).

The long-term impact for these AI controlled countries, is too great a burden on their national expenditures, which translates to forever weak economies.

Until release of beta SRCW, have been playing a Japan game, where Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Finland, all maintain about 50-percent or more of their ground forces on Active duty, despite Non-Aggression treaties etc.
with neighboring countries, including powerful Japan.

It would benefit these nations nations economies and make for a more realistic game if the military Costs were lowered, especially in the lower Threat settings (controlled by the AI).

This is certainly not too late to be fixed with SRU upgrade.

Thanks for considering.

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