SRU MAC v9.1.23 - Missing U.S. Destroyer Units

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SRU MAC v9.1.23 - Missing U.S. Destroyer Units

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jul 08 2017

SRU MAC v9.1.23 - Missing U.S. Destroyer Units.

As the United States, there are only 3 destroyer options available at beginning of game,
even WITH the Options "Show Obsolete Units" checked.

REGION: North America
UNITS: add following:
* Clemson / Wickes class
* Farragut class
* Porter class
* Mahan class
* Gridley class - first unit launched Dec 36
* Bailey class - first unit launched Sep 36

Tried several times to get Player Options to show obsolete units in the destroyer types;
also the case with battleships. Only 3 Escort (destroyer) type were available for Build.


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