Tech: Obsolete units not researched in modern sandboxes

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Tech: Obsolete units not researched in modern sandboxes

#1 Post by andy_bgf » Jun 28 2017

I've noticed this one a long time ago, so I would imagine this is a known issue, but I didn't find it. Feel free to move/link to a post that reports this.
While playing major powers like US, Russia, China, etc (in sandboxes >= 2017) , I see that they all have a decent number of unresearched old units. They're both country-specific and worldwide. For example, Patton tank for US or MiG-19 fighter for Russia. That's just odd - it clutters the research units menu so I always end up researching them (to keep the available research counter at 0) and then manually mark them as obsolete so they won't show up in unit design lists.

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