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Windows XP Support

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Up until our most recent update, we have continued to support Windows XP (under service pack 3).

However, XP is not longer a supported OS from Microsoft, as they have discontinued support and patches for it as of last year; in addition, many of our toolsets no longer support targeting XP.

Our latest update (9.0.42) includes some performance improvements from our switch to the Intel compiler, and more improvements are expected in future updates. However, this build is not compatible with XP.

We will investigate backwards compatibility, but it is possible that 9.0.34 is the last update that will be Windows XP compatible.

Under Steam we have set up a build configuration for the Windows XP version:

1) In your Steam Games Library, right click on "Supreme Ruler Ultimate" and select Properties.

2) Switch to the BETAS tab

3) click the "Select the Beta" dropdown, and select "winxp"

That will revert your version to the Win XP Compatible version.

-- George / BattleGoat.
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