Sold units wont move

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The Dogmeat
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Sold units wont move

Post by The Dogmeat »

Im currantly running a German campain, its june 1936 and i gave some old units to Tangier for free,
now the dam units wont move to Tangier. Is this a bug or what are they missing for theme to move the units?
Pls help

Edit: It took theme almost 10 month for the units to move but it seams to have auto resolved it self.
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Re: Sold units wont move

Post by ZEvans96 »

Yea, thats one of the reasons I don't have merchant marine on. Hard to get the units to people. Especially if they are losing and
Need it right away they die before they can get it.
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Re: Sold units wont move

Post by Legend »

I took a look, and I see what you mean. Will investigate further.
- Daxon
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