Naval Pathing (UK) and use

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Naval Pathing (UK) and use

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USA, sandbox, vh vol.

It is now 1942, US is allied to UK, and is at war with Axis powers.

The UK, for some reason, doesn't send its navy out to fight. Instead, large groups (10+) of ships of all classes are clustered around all major ports. Example--a good 20+ ships are at Alexandria, while Axis merchant ships happily pass through the Suez Canal; nothing is at Gibraltar.

Naval AI should do the following, at a minimum
1. Block major choke points controlled by the power. Example: UK should have ships at Gibraltar, Suez, and Singapore at all times. Areas not allies/controlled by the major power would not get forces (ex: Turkish Straits or Panama Canal, if not allied to UK, etc.) A good rule of thumb would be 1:2:4:2 (for every 1 major capital ship (CV or BB), 2 medium capital ships (CA/CL), 4 minor (DD/DE) and 2 subs).

2. No major capital ship (Carrier(CV) or battleship (BB)) should operate without escorts. Same with amphibious ships. See rule of thumb above.

3. Ships not formed into groups and sent to fight should stay in Reserve mode. This would prevent mass ship groups in front of major ports burning up MGs and Oil for no reason.

4. No CV should leave port without aircraft.
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Re: Naval Pathing (UK) and use

Post by Legend »

I think we've mentioned elsewhere, perhaps on the Steam Forums that we plan to add more work on the naval AI for an update. Thanks for the specific suggestions which we'll take into account. No promises but keep on suggesting! We are reading.
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