No other state have any goods

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No other state have any goods

Post by pex666 »

Hi !

Is this normal or a bug:

Whatever state i talk to they dont have any goods to offer, goods like: timber, oil, agriculture, coal etc.

Is this normal?

When i have a shortage my "ministers" seems to find the goods im lacking (luckily) so i automatically import what im short on.

Great game otherwise!

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Re: No other state have any goods

Post by Aragos »

Normally, if a State has materials to trade, they come from the State's stockpiles. The AI will stockpile once internal needs are met and the world market isn't buying (example: there is an excess of Timber in the world, so the Timber piles up in the State).

Your ministers buy from the World Market, as does the AI. Only when there is a global excess do you start to see AI State stockpiles fill up.
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Re: No other state have any goods

Post by cret »

IMHO in the case of a shortage the prices of goods should go up to limit access only to rich countries. The market works good in Cold War but its not so obvious in 1936beta. I can not see prices of Industry good to skyrocket (3383 usd in 1941).
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