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Re: Unit Errata

#391 Post by Buzzbrad » Jan 08 2019

SGTscuba wrote:
Jan 08 2019
Buzzbrad wrote:
Jan 08 2019

Thanks for the report Nerei. I have made the adjustments to the LHA-6 America Class and CV-7 Wasp.
I think some other carriers could do with some adjustment, mainly around their cargo capacity which is a critical thing. I'll try get some rough numbers and post them on here (I have a few books from reputable sources on carriers - especially British ones). Some early carriers could do with planes too as most planes of WW1 could be landed on carriers due to their low speed and were generally used with few if any modifications. Like I say, i'll have a look through the books and get back to you.
Sounds good. Post on this topic and I will try to get to it when I can.

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Re: Unit Errata

#392 Post by Nerei » Jan 09 2019

Here is a few other warship related issues or oddities.

CVA-58 United States (ID 16066)
Current speed is 53km. This is slow for a fleet carrier. It is actually slower than CV-7 Wasp. Wikipedia and FAS lists a speed of 33 knots or 61km/h.

CVE-102 Casablanca (ID 16049)
First off in many cases you tend to use the name of the vessel in question. For CVE-102 the name is "Attu".
Also this unit has no air or surface attack range or stats.
The general trend for these vessels would be increased AA armament as the war progressed so compared to the original CVE-55 Casablanca (ID 16044) it would probably be similar surface and increased low air attack but with the same range.

Taiyo (ID 16099)
This aircraft carrier has a design capacity of just under 30 aircraft. The listed capacity of 1 seems a bit low for that. For comparison the Ryūjo which could carry just a few more aircraft is given 2. The above mentioned casablanca also has a capacity of 2 and could carry basically the same number of aircrafts as the Taiyō.

DD-122 Hatsuyuki (ID 17398)
These ships have a helideck and hangar which is typically represented with a submarine attack range of 100km. Currently they have a range of 11km.

CGN-38 Virgninia SM-2 (ID 17774)
Spelling error in the name. The first "n" needs to go.

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Re: Unit Errata

#393 Post by DuxMare » Jan 13 2019

The soviet DD-30 Ognevoy class destroyer has a submarine attack value of only 2, should this be 200? The other soviet destroyers from earlier years (Soobrazitelny '36 and Opytny '41) have submarine attack values of 175.

Also a Tu-4 B-4 Bull cannot carry a 10kt nuclear bomb. Shouldn't they be able to do that?

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Re: Unit Errata

#394 Post by YoMomma » Jan 13 2019

Yea theres lots of problems. Sometimes it reads decimals and sometimes not. Pretty sure it has to to with the asset manager not loading decimals. Or 1 time using .00 and other times using .000 it confuses the asset manager and now some units are pretty Errata i guess. A hell to maintain your mod with other mods tho and your own changes.
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Re: Unit Errata

#395 Post by evildari » Jan 15 2019

in Islands scenario: no unit has a close air attack value - although close air attack range and both medium air values.
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