Very hard to find latest savegame on a daily basis

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Very hard to find latest savegame on a daily basis

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Issue description:

As a normal player, having played a couple multiplayer games, the save game list when loading gets pretty crowded and messy.
This makes it very hard to start the game next day and find the last save manually executed, or even the autosaves.
Mainly due to sorting and timestamp making visibility and distinguishing very hard, on a daily basis.

Use case:
Player try to load latest savegame after playing multiple times and different MP games.
When trying to load latest save game from the list it is very hard to find, especially since the list gets big and then is hard to find the last dates.

What would be expected:
In general when trying to start again the last game, it would be simple and easy to find directly the latets savegames even if the list is big and mixed by other saves ( manual and auto ).

Possible suggestions:
- Provide possibility to sort list by last dates ( currently no timestamp just date )
- Auto sort list always by last savegames some way
- Improve time representation by inlcuding timestamps instead of just dates ( TIME in terms of Hours:Minute is commonly fundamental to distinguish savegames )
Major root point:
- Provide general revamp of the savegame section affecting historically multiple users, improving save NAMING, FORMAT and TIMESTAMP in general, providing a more browsable and understandable/interpretable interface

This type of issue has been reported similarly but is yet not resolved and is commonly affecting players on a daily basis, hopefully the information and experience provided can help in narrowing down possibilities
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Re: Very hard to find latest savegame on a daily basis

Post by Balthagor »

Minor update to this old thread, GR added an option to the load screen to sort "most recent at the top". This will exist in SR2030 also.
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