Iceland ww2

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Re: Iceland ww2

#16 Post by Buzzbrad » May 19 2017

JollyGoodBork wrote: I'm sorry if I come off as a know it all, but people from Denmark aren't dutch. They're Danish. Dutch people come from the Netherlands. The Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands and northern Belgium. So when you said that Iceland was Dutch I got really confused.

I know it might sound a bit complicated but that's how it is. Don't feel stupid tho, Americans and Canadians make these mistakes all the time. I come from Sweden which many americans mistake for Switzerland.
And we europeans have no clue when it comes to american states or canadian provinces.

Oh, and by the way. Remember that Iceland should remain independent in the maps after ww2. Just in case you end up making them a british colony in the modern maps too.
Sorry about that! I should've known that, I meant Danish. It will be a Danish colony not Dutch, I will update my comment as such so it does not confuse others. Also we will make sure Iceland becomes independent after ww2.

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