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My name is SupremeAnarchist, I am still relatively new to Supreme Ruler, and I own Supreme Ruler 1936, Supreme Ruler 2020, and Supreme Ruler Ultimate, I have a total of 28 hours across all games so far, (SRU now my main go to game in the series, though occasionally I play SR2020) I am liking the games so far, but im more of a HOI4/CK2/EU4/VC2 /CIV type of guy, with more than 500 hours or more across all those games I just mentioned.

I got into this series after a online acquaintance of mine, but sadly he died (don't wanna say how) 3 years ago, Supreme Ruler was one of his favorite games, he had more than 300 hours across the series. I looked at his Steam library and thats how I found this series.

I hope to contribute somewhat to this forum.

Thanks, thats all.
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