Hey Guys!

Whether you are new to the forums or a long time contributor take a moment and introduce yourself. What games do you play? What versions of Supreme Ruler have you played? Welcome to our forums!

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Hey Guys!

#1 Post by shael_at » May 06 2016

Hey Everyone,

I've been playing Supreme Ruler since the very first 2010 edition. I still remember the box with fresh eyes and getting absolutely hooked.

Many, many years later - Here I am, playing Supreme Ruler Ultimate on a weekly basis. I went from a teenager who loved this game to an adult with an obsessive weekend hobby of running "The Most Epic Game" (You know, the one where America/Germany/UK/China/Japan/Yugoslavia completely change the direction of history, then you run the game for 20,30,40 years on highest difficulty?? That one!).

Does my wife like that I spent 2500+ dollars on a CPU, SSD HD and DDR4 memory to make this game run like smooth butter? No! :)


I love this series and am sad to see it go / end of new-game release, but i'll be playing this for many years to come.

Great to finally log in and officially join the community!!!

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Re: Hey Guys!

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » May 06 2016

Welcome shael_at. 07

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Re: Hey Guys!

#3 Post by JollyGoodBork » May 17 2016

You will fit perfectly in this community

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