Hello! Good to meet you all!

Whether you are new to the forums or a long time contributor take a moment and introduce yourself. What games do you play? What versions of Supreme Ruler have you played? Welcome to our forums!

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Hello! Good to meet you all!

#1 Post by Weeryza2 » Apr 30 2014

Hello all, I am fairly new to the Supreme Ruler franchise as well as this forum! So I don't really have much to say except for I have no idea how to play the game, I have played the tutorial and read online things, and it is still quite difficult for me, which is a shame, because I really want to learn how to play this game... I mean if someone would be kind enough to add me on Steam and we could play together and maybe you could teach me a few things so I know what I am doing in the future.... :-)

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Re: Hello! Good to meet you all!

#2 Post by Rhaycen » May 02 2014

I've logged nearly 500 hours on this game so far, and I'm still discovering new things on a daily basis.

Honestly, start with the German or Italian campaigns and set it to fairly easy setting just so you get used to how the various type of units work.
Then up the difficulty and keep doing it over and over ... each time slightly refining the way you play.

The game is very deep and isn't really something you learn how to play in an afternoon ... but it is deep enough to keep it interesting for quite a while.

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