Unit ID Cap Increase

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Unit ID Cap Increase

Post by Viper151 »

Screenblast89 (真白人):
Would it be possible to either increase or remove the 22000 entry cap on SR5ID's? It is already fairly densely populated with BG made entries and adding any significant number of designs means they will be spread out among the default designs.

Assuming there is anymore patches that updates the unit list it will be a lot harder to update mod unit lists when the designs are mixed with the default designs. An ID range reserved to modders would make this process a lot easier.

Further by having a "modder" SR5ID range makes coordinating and merging unit databases a lot easier as modders can each have a range they work within.
We already have such a reserved range for 3D models. Having it for unit designs would be great. This will be very helpful for the Steam Workshop
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Re: Unit ID Cap Increase

Post by UnionEXE »

I also support this idea! Simplify a lot in the future!
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