SRNG suggestion for unit handling improvements

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SRNG suggestion for unit handling improvements

#1 Post by Uriens » Mar 07 2020

As mentioned in this thread improvements to unit handling would be good.

Here are some of my ideas i got while playing SR titles since SR 2010.

1. Unit upgrading would really be nice. From player side it would work a lot like you do now, select unit(s), choose upgrade order, select what the units would upgrade to from drop down menu and the units would go to nearest barracks WITH FACTORY, and get added to the build queue. System where unit gets scrapped and then an upgrade version gets added to the production menu is not good because you lose that specific unit with all accumulated experience. Upgraded units need to keep majority of experience since crews don't have to learn whole system, just the changes. Its not like you can upgrade bradleys to strikers or some other such nonsense.

2. Closely related to 1st idea, lots of newly developed vehicles (mostly but not limited to APC's) have been designed to be highly modular. That means that vehicle components can added/changed/removed in very short time to accommodate current situation and needs. Some are so modular that crews can make changes on the battlefield in about 30mins. Adding ability to do similar thing in game would make such systems more useful. One of the easiest ways to do this (that i can think of ATM) is to use similar system as upgrades i mentioned before where you would choose modify command and then choose one of the selected vehicles variants. Vehicle would go to nearest barracks (doesn't need factory for this) and go into reserve in highly damaged state and ofc as new variant.

3. Military organization could use a more then just a bunch of battalions running around map. Using battlegroups similar system where you select a group of battalions and add them to the brigade, select a couple of brigades to add them to division, etc. Hotspot system could also be used to assign designed military formation (for example division) to it. Specific formations could also request productions for units to get them to their full strength and replenish losses. This means that if division lost a number of infantry battalions, it would request a production of new INFANTRY units to replace losses. Military formations templates could possibly defined in the external .csv type of files for each region and AI would try to achieve them. This also means that AI would no longer need to make units in all the factories all the time. Factories would produce units that are requested by formations's AI, or those sent for upgrades or for creation of new formations. In idle times factories would be taken offline to save maintenance.
Creation of new formations would be decided based on current situation. If the region is at war or preparing for war, it would strongly consider creation of new formations (divisions, corpses, armies, depends on what a region can sustain). During peace time AI would only keep formations that it can maintain and disband excess formations while sending battalions from those formations back to reserve (mothballing them if you will). That way, AI won't bankrupt itself when at peace and game won't take too much resources.
Military units from specific formations would be tied to specific hotspots/orders of that formation so if a division has an order to defend specific battlezone, all units from that formation would be used for that purpose only. This OFC means that hotspots need to be created by AI "intelligently". Hotspots can be created by player as well, i guess in a similar fashion we have now with additional ability to assign specific formation to that hotspot. For example, if i want division to attack specific battlezone i would create hotspot in that battlezone, assign division to that hotspot and AI would try to take control of all important locations in that battlezone.

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