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SRNG suggestion for UI improvement

#1 Post by Uriens » Mar 07 2020

As mentioned in another thread UI for next game can use a "central hub" kind of screen size of the current atlas screen with tabs for facilities, products, region info, finances, military production and organization tabs.

- Facilities one would list all the central complex buildings (cities, industrial and military complexes) in region. Clicking on one would collapse and show all buildings attached to that central complex showing all relevant data for them (supplies, maintenance, actual production).

- Products would list all products with all relevant data like production, consumption, cost, domestic and foreign sales, etc. Also sliders to set production for each product like we already have in main map. Lock for each product would be good to lock out minister from that product.

- Region info would show all the info you currently have to hunt down in tooltips, like amount of people in region, immigration, emigration, deaths, literacy , etc.

- Finances would show all expense and income info in one place. It would be good if we could set taxes and social services in there as well.

- Military production would show all the current factory locations and by clicking on them it would collapse list and show us current unit production for said facilities. It would also let us add units to produce, pause or stop production in selected facility.

- Military organization would let us select all deployed or reserved units and give orders to them from that screen. Full shift+click (select range of units) or ctrl+click (add units to selection) selections would be good too. It would allow us to select multiple units and send them, for example, to scrap or reserve. Filters by unit type would be good as well so we can filter, for example, all artillery units to narrow down selection.

This is ofc assuming that new game would still keep similar concepts to previous title. Even if becomes quite different then SRU, a central window that has all needed data in one clear accessible place would help a lot.

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