add some things in the next update

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add some things in the next update

#1 Post by Breznev » Aug 28 2019

hi , There are some important things... Which should be included in the next update :
1-First, Kurdistan is not a state It is a province of the State of Iraq Therefore, this error must be fixed in the map
Kurdistan its a part of iraq
2-As everyone knows, Palestine is not a province of Israel or a part of israel !!
It is divided into two parts
first part its Palestinian West Bank Led by President Mahmoud Abbas
seconde part The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip is a military-led defense administration , Headed by Ismail Haniyeh
this is the resource about Gaza Strip
3- add the crisis of yemen (saudia arabia and UAE and Bahrain In an alliance against rebel groups of the Houthi and the Houthi in an alliance with iran )
4- add the crisis between USA & Iran ( US military presence in the Arabian Gulf through battleships and warships
The presence of US troops in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq )
We seek to help raise the level of realism of the game more and keep up with the current events in the world
I hope that my request will be considered and thanks for what you have given us

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