Designate Unit For Specific Upgrade

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Designate Unit For Specific Upgrade

Post by Traslogan »

So I'm sure many of us know the woes of the Arms Race toggle on our military advisor. It upgrades some units, it only upgrades those units if you have a certain amount of excess cash sitting by, and it can't upgrade your navy in any shape or form.

However, I thought this might be a surprisingly nice alternative (Though unsure of how cumbersome it would be to implement): Designated Upgrade.

Basically, instead of listing a unit as Available / Excluded / Favourite, you would now have a 4th option to "Upgrade to..." and if you click it, you can simply select an existing design you have. Now the AI will simply go out its way to upgrade your units of that type to the designated unit type. This way it could do it for ships too, but it would allow far cleaner unit refits to better units, instead of the current system that often leaves two thirds of your military behind.

Would love to know what folks think of this idea
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