Some kind of buff to the Soviet Union in the 1936 start?

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Some kind of buff to the Soviet Union in the 1936 start?

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Hey folks,

So I don't know if many would agree with me here, but it feels like the Soviet Union completely fails to militarize every time in WW2 scenarios. They start with about 6 Land Prod and a sparse couple of air and naval production too, and they seem inclined to only increase the number once they go to war with a Germany that is sitting on 40-60 land production, sealing their fate.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm suggesting, since an outright early buff of more production might make their AI jingoistic, but perhaps they could begin constructing some stuff upon some WW2 events firing if that's possible? e.g. the acquisition of Danzig by Germany. Otherwise the only way the Soviet Union can ever mobilize in 1936 start is if Japan attacks them when it is in China, which even still only makes the USSR build 2-3 Land production before it decides that's enough.
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