SRU: mid cold war starts

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SRU: mid cold war starts

#1 Post by an2255 » Jan 05 2019

Something that I have wanted since the supreme ruler cold war days is more cold war starts. we have multiple world war two starts with 36 ,40,41 and 42 but only one cold war start 49. It would be nice to have some more sandbox starts between 1949 and 2017. I have always wanted to see a 1960s start with the Vietnam war and the six day war. Or possibly a 1980s start with the Falklands war and the soviet war in Afghanistan

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Re: SRU: mid cold war starts

#2 Post by Balthagor » Jan 05 2019

an2255 wrote:
Jan 05 2019
...It would be nice to have some more sandbox starts between 1949 and 2017...
This has been discussed before. Each "start" is a massive amount of work (ie. a whole new game). To get a 60's start point, we need new borders, orbats, relationships, leaders, roads/rails, industries, economic baselines and events. That's not something we have the resources to create (at least not for free).
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Re: SRU: mid cold war starts

#3 Post by Clubfoot55 » Jan 08 2019

The Falklands Islands scenario has a mostly complete 1982 start date. Couldn't that just be moved to the sandbox section as a new cold war start?

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Re: SRU: mid cold war starts

#4 Post by Nerei » Jan 08 2019

The 1982 Falklands scenario most certainly is not. The UK and Argentine navies and airforces have next to no relation to the actual navies and airforces from that war. The armies are probably no better but I did not bother to check.
The Argentine Navy is actually 100% wrong and that is only slightly worse than the Royal Navy.
It is actually a bit hilarious just how bad they are.

From what I can tell they are also the only ones with any units on the map and the unit designs of both the UK and its allies appears to be fairly close to what I would expect from 1949. The argentine roster though appears to be based on 1914 or 1917 given the 4 Garibaldis of which 2 where retired by 1936.

Really to the best I can tell you would get nearly the same result if you played 1949 without units and the date set to 1982.

I have to admit that it is possible there are events that makes it less terrible. I cannot say as I did not play it beyond a few days given the outright horrible nature of the starting roster making me lose hope that this would be anything related to the actual Falklands war.

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