For the Multiplayer Update.

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For the Multiplayer Update.

#1 Post by Des » Dec 21 2018

I have a longer list of more generic changes, but since you're trying to push a multiplayer update early new year i thought i'd add in most of the changes me and my group would like to see for that here.

1. Fixing the freezing and lag from moving units. Even with all people 10mbps+ and good computers, moving more then 50+ units at a time can cause a freeze for 10s-2mins or even break the game and force us to rehost(assigning garrisons to a theater is almost a guaranteed freeze aswell.
This is rarely fixed from spamming space bar to pause/unpause in hopes to get the game going, it usually helps. One way you can fix this in the engine is spacing out the orders to the units, like 10/20% selected the order is issued to,
and then the next 10/20% selected and so on. In my mod i have increased the personal/strength of units and slightly lowered/re-balanced mil fabs around the world, this seems to help but This brings me to my second issue.

2. The AI does not reserve their armies. When there is no wars in the entire world, world volatility is on 0, no wars with nations the country is allied with or bordering them (for a few options) they still are
fully mobilized and moving navy around constantly(this is far worse then land), aswell as a good amount of land units. This slows down the game alot as it progresses and can easily improve game speed while allowing me to keep close to
vanilla fabrications for ai nations in my mod. (Also about optimization, whatever calculations endday removes should be worked with in the engine when there's no wars if it's possible, that game speed is amazing)

3. Add in base game features. liberating, colonizing, annexing, renaming regions and releasing loyal land are all missing in multiplayer. The fact that there is features like this missing in multiplayer is a shame,
my group especially does not always just want to conquest everything around them and adding the option to liberate/puppet and the ability to release land after a war would be much more enjoyable.

4. Countries literally capitulate with less then 10% of their nation occupied. I've had tons of instances where countries don't have there capital occupied (which should be a pre requesite for surrendering)
and only a small portion of their land has been taken (even under 10%) still surrender.
Another problem is when you have an ally nation (a player) station literally 200 units in their nation (that is not occupied) defending it should and then they just capitulates because their own army was exhausted away.
This happens every game in cold war(and in other scenarios), North/South korea just capitulates without their capital occupied, even tho each faction has hundreds of units in their nations fighting.

5. Basic multiplayer options. Downloading saves without having to upload elsewhere and give to the players, allowing players to choose their own nations, passwords for lobbies, IP bans from lobbies, should all be incorporated. Also
people double clicking join and having a ghost version of themselves unable to be kicked is also an issue causing rehosts.

6. Some multiplayer balance options. Limiting tech trading between players/ai, and the ability to scale up the maintenance cost of military fabs to balance players spamming 100+ of them and causing further issues with lag/balance would be great.
I tried making them require raw resources but they are not a production building and not in wmdata, so if you could just add a scale up option or something in the engine that would be great instead.

7. Tariffs & embargoes. Now i understand embargoes may be an issue with the way the world market works, but these would be great features in a geo political game and open up alot of options between players. Tariffs should be a little easier to implement, i think you can make it so when you tariff a good/nation as a whole, that player/nation export price is reduced based on the tariff nations consumption of said good or total gdp (gdp x pop) as a couple of examples.

8. Social policies. These are already templated in cvp files for countries, and i'd really love them in the game, as anything like this where you can look internally for things to do and improve with your country is very fun. Similar games like SP2 and VIC2 have social laws and is a great feature in both.

9. Add in ability to upgrade buildings. Say for example you have an airfield, and instead of having to tediously dismantle it.. wait, then rebuild it into an airbase, add in an upgrade button next to "repair when damadged/dismantle" or even make it so when you place said airbase over an already built airfield it will show as it's buildable (upgradable) and be able to be replaced at half cost.
Things like consumer/industrial/military small-medium-normal-advanced, sea piers to sea ports, petrol/hydro/nuclear/coal small-normal are all examples of this aswell.

10. White peace/ceasfire mechanics. White peace would essentially just return all land back to it's loyal hex owners and peace the war. Ceasefires would keep the war going but do the opposite of the effect in proxy wars and units cannot engage each other and borders cannot move (You can set a time until this expires to).

11. Couple tweaks/bugs. Add the option to remove market correction if there is to much production and it lowers everyones production per facility around the world, or atleast the option to have a slower effect of this. Add in the ability to have more then one core per hex, north vietnam for example can't have south vietnam as a core, nor can china/india/pakistan have kashmir as a core for some examples.
Artillery/planes/ships fire missles at enemy spies in country because they think it's an enemy unit while at war. Naval ports/piers being built should be prioritized to spawn in the open hex next to a sea hex so it doesnt look messed up.
Make hydro able to be placed in river tiles(its hydro idk why it cant), i fixed this in my mod by manually redoing every single hydro hex in the game but over half the hydro in the world are not placable because of this in vanilla.

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