Rename units/edit tactical and technical characteristics.

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Rename units/edit tactical and technical characteristics.

#1 Post by North Wind » Dec 20 2018

I opened this topic on Steam forums, so just copy the text here. But, I will add that I am ready to assist in this, at least, to give detailed names of various modifications of equipment and aircraft of the second half of the 20th, up to promising samples from 20+ years of the XXI century. I need only a complete list of units, you can gradually rename and edit the army composition of the armies of different countries of the world to bring them to the approximate real state for 2018-2019.

How about reworking all the tank names in the game? I noticed that you T-90A added to the game (instead of T-90, as I understand). This will allow to expand the range and models (for example, by date of production). Also, how about replacing the tanks that have not been accepted and remained in the past (T-12 "black eagle" 1/2) and replacing, for example, with T-14 and T-14 with a 152 mm gun? And the US to do the same: M1A2C [M1A2 Sep v.3] and M1A2D [M1A2 Sep v.4]. Also add/correct the names of tanks/their number in service, as large countries as the United States and Russia (in different periods of time, including), and for smaller countries, say, Hungary, for example. I would be even happy to help you personally, because I really liked your game and want to improve it, to Supplement it, to make it even better. Especially its wider and more progressive military component than similar, more famous games of the genre.
And, what about the processing of tactical and technical characteristics of combat units in the game? (but it is rather a question of your opinion, overall, he is now quite himself, given the scale of the game)

P.S. sorry for possible grammatical errors or inaccuracies. I used a web translator.

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