Units upgrades

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Units upgrades

#1 Post by arakan94 » Oct 16 2018

I have idea on how to easily add "upgrade" option. In unit definition, list of "upgrades-to:" would be defined and new order(s) or special button would be added to the game. It would offer you to choose from list of possible upgrades (you have to research them first ofc) and also offer choice to "auto-update" to the newest. Those units would then be scrapped and new units of selected type added to the production queue with certain % of progress already done.

New unit could be auto-deployed to the same facility old one was scrapped at and inherit its orders and rules.

Next possible step would be offering player way to create his own updates and modifications of his equipment - it would use the unit template as a base and offer options like "improved XXX", which would raise the corresponding stat by Y % and also cost accordingly. Would be nice way to add flavor.

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