2201 Orbat of Australia Navy

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2201 Orbat of Australia Navy

#1 Post by adam_brisbane » Aug 15 2018


I want to thank you all for your wonderful work and efforts on the latest update, it is great and enjoyable to play through.

For some reason the Canberra class ship was changed from 16172 to 16170, Both of which are Italian based ships.

I was wondering if you could change it to your 16231 Juan Carlos based unit which is what the Canberra Class was based off and add a second ship as Australia has had two of them for a few years now.

For the Adelaide class frigates Australia now only has 2 of those in service instead of the 4.

Fremantle class patrol no longer operate.

Armidale class ships is 13 not 14.

Also 18787 is the Hobart class you use in the Orbat. I was wondering if you could give Australia access to that since they built those ships and also have a third incoming.

16170 1 up to 2 and changed to 16231
18744 4 down to 2
19545 2 down to 0
19694 14 down to 13

Future Australian Navy

There been some new ship designs for the future fleet of Australian navy but unsure if you want to do anything with them or add them or give access to Australia for them in the future.

For instance the 15860, "SSN-610 Barracuda" Australia have plans to build 12 of these in a non nuclear version. The are going to call them the Short fin Barracuda.

There is the Future Frigate which they have decided to build 9 Uk Type 26 frigates. They are going to call them the Hunter Class.

They also named they were building 12 new OPV vessels based on Lürssen's OPV80. Brunei also have two of these vessels.

Australia also are building a fleet of 19 Pacific Patrol boats to donate to 12 pacific island nations called the Guardian class.

Finally Australia has built 10 Cape Class patrol boats for its border force but is also going to build 6 for the Philippine navy as well.

Thank you for all the hard work you have done and can understand this would not be high on the priority list but just wanted to bring some attention to Australia changes in there navy.

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