Suggestions; Minister priorities, Laws & other on/off stuff

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Suggestions; Minister priorities, Laws & other on/off stuff

#1 Post by Jopo » Jul 04 2018

OK, to start this topic off, I´ll point to Paradox´s Hearts of Iron 4, which has the laws system, which allows you to choose between options, like conscription laws etc.

I guess the minister priorities in SR series works in similar fashion, you can turn the priorities on/off if needed and the give you the described effects.

Here´s a few suggestions for new minister tasks or maybe laws if such a system was developed?

Defense Minister;

- Enact Draft/Conscription; This would work if financial incentives like the ones in the existing reservist increase command don´t bring in enough bodies for the meat grinder. Needless to say however, that this move would be mostly unpopular.
As a sidenote to this I could describe the Finnish mentality towards our conscription system, which is politically seen as the only viable option to guarantee a credible defense, as Finland would never be able to afford a professional army large enough to guarantee safety for the entire land. Nowadays there is also talk of including women in the conscription process, not mandatorily perhaps (like Israel), but involving them at least in the yearly conscription process (like Sweden and Norway for example I think), so they can make an informed decision whether they want to serve a voluntary tour of duty and this I think is an idea I can personally get behind.
The old patriarchal ideas of men bearing arms and women bearing children have to go, for in a modern society defense is everyone´s business. It is worth mentioning that repeated polls by the defense department have rated the Finnish people´s willingness to defend the country as very high, so conscription is seen as a necessary evil to guarantee the safety of the land.

In game terms, this could mean that some nations might be more tolerant of extended conscription, especially if you sweeten the pot by raising military salaries (something Finland has not done :-D, although service members get discounts and free stuff in many places, like trains, buses etc.) and if the nation is under threat (neighbor has casus belli on you etc.).

- Fund Civil Defense; This priority would increase facilities damage resistance, increase repair speed and reduce civilian casualties and would be especially important in the atomic age.

-Incentives for Military service; Things like the G.I. Bill etc. which would give free education and other incentives for joining the reserves or active military, could be costly but worth it if you have a strong economy and need the manpower. Could perhaps be combined with the conscription setting for added effect.

- Women in services; Checking this option would allow women to join the military, increasing reservists.

Economic Minister;

- Starter Funding; this would encourage small business growth, but would increase social costs a bit.

- Development & Housing loans; This would encourage Family and general economic growth but increase family subsidy costs.

- Support/Integrate Minority cultures; This would increase culture subsidy costs a fair bit, but would negate at least some of the occupied area loyalty penalty and/or help culture and loyalty shift. This would include things like education and tv-programs in their own language and other integration incentives. Also important if you bring in a lot of immigrants.

State Department;

- Education/Propaganda Campaigns; This would raise domestic approval, but would be costly. Just keep reminding the citizens how good your government is and they´ll surely re-elect you, surely...? :-D

OK, there´s some ideas for starters.

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