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#1 Post by Terran1969 » May 01 2018

Id be surprise if this gets done at all but in a recent post i was complaining about how my ships move to the top of the map and don't come back until i move them my self so that gave me an idea how possible would it be to use the box when you click and drag like the screen shot below and order your units to operate in that box so they don't go swanning off to places they are not needed i like my units to stay close to the British Isles as im UK because Battle zones don't seem to control Navy s that well with your AI sending them on random no sense journeys leaving me to ask why is that ship all the way over there when i need it hear.

If it were possible to get them to stay in an area it would solve my problem because the AI has no I leaving me imagining myself punching my defence minister in the face because he just sent a loan destroyer or sub to no place useful or the most un useful place he or she could passably send it.
Example of where id like to keep my ships

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#2 Post by Buzzbrad » May 08 2018

Have you taken a look at battle zones? It seems to be what you are describing.

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#3 Post by GIJoe597 » May 09 2018

The issue he is describing is the phenomenon where naval vessels will go so far north they cannot be selected on the map. I do not use AI control of the navy normally but I have tested this in the past. The only way to select them is via the Defense Tab > Deployed screen. You cannot select and in some cases they cannot even be seen on the main screen. ... 03#p188503

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