Smart or Precision Weapons

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Smart or Precision Weapons

#1 Post by DasVivo » Dec 26 2017


Apologies if this is the wrong area or has been brought up before...
I am curious - Has there been much recent consideration, discussion or ideas from the BG Team or Modders on how to say make the often very expensive Missiles more effective say against specific fixed targets?
I'm talking about Tomahawking Bridges, Iskanders against Airbase Facilities etc.....

I understand especially with AI, Game Balance etc this may be difficult to balance but I am curious as to how this was subject is seen by both the team and the community as a whole....

Obviously the AI would likely be extremely 'weak' versus the careful application of such but I am curious to hear the thoughts and considerations on the matter or indeed how this may be looked at in future versions of the game or development....

(One Idea that came to mind, though probably would need to wait for a new game/engine) would be adding something like a CEP for Missiles, this could be a base percentage chance to hit a target or be 'ineffective' with maybe no or very reduced effectiveness, thus some Missiles like Scuds that can do devastating damage but with a wide CEP are far less likely to hit anything, others like Tochkas would improve upon it as would Iskanders...

Likewise we could see thus a use for the current placeholder ECM in say reducing this % for any inbound missiles in the area (likewise Tech could be used to improve some Missiles CEP with the advent of GPS Guidance, Laser Guidance etc), likewise maybe some Techs such as HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelters) etc could improve the durability of Airfields from damage

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