Boosting Missile Auto Targetting Range On Slower Speeds

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Boosting Missile Auto Targetting Range On Slower Speeds

#1 Post by SGTscuba » Sep 08 2017

I recall George telling me on a thread somewhere that the max automatic targeting range for missiles is hardcoded to be 250km for performance reasons. We have missiles whose range far exceeds this. I feel this is a waste of a lot of missiles potential.

I would like to propose that on slower speeds (very slow+slow+normal + fast) that the distance is increased in steps. I'm thinking 250km steps potentially so that on very slow you would have a massive targeting range, whilst fast would have 500km targeting range. This would be inline with the speeds also changing spotting already so I don't think it would be a massive change to the engine (please say if it would be).

The alternative would be to have an option that would disable the cap all together but with a warning about performance.

What do others think and what ranges would people suggest?
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