New Modern Units

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Re: New Modern Units

#31 Post by Zuikaku » Sep 18 2017

Please teach AI to liberate and colonize instead of only annexing!

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Re: New Modern Units

#32 Post by oberkommando » Dec 19 2017

MQ-25 (technology for 2022-2025). ... 76773927=1
V-280 (technology for 2021). ... lflowFBPOP
C-5M super galaxy (technology for 2018-2019).
(Also original C-5 should be C-5A in my opinion).
B-52K/EB-52 (technology for 2018).
The first one a proposal back in 2005 for making an electronic variant/This one is a suggestion. I have read that there is a proposal for modernizing the current B-52s with new engines. This could be a proposal to extend this planes life in-game.
AO-X Program. (Technology for 2019)
In game we have the AO-10 Bronco from late 60s. But since recently the USAF has been testing four different plataforms, maybe there should be a replacement for their particular rol (LAAS) light attack and armed reconnaissance. ... nnaissance
B-1R (technology for 2015-2020).
A proposed modernization for the current B-1Bs in service.
Another plausible unit to add to the gane with the idea of extend an existing plataforma a few years in the game. There is no other option besides the B-3 angel.
B-21 Raider (technology for 2030-2035).
The replacement for the B-52 and B-1. ... -21_Raider

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