SRGW/SR-36/SRU - Gaining access to Enemy Unit Designs after Capture

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SRGW/SR-36/SRU - Gaining access to Enemy Unit Designs after Capture

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 05 2017

One of the enduring problems with the whole Supreme Ruler series is that once you have Eliminated an enemy,
you still are slaved to only those Unit designs within you own country's technology and development options.

Here's a good example:
Country: JAPAN......Date: April 1944.

Eliminated enemies from Game: China, Italy, France, and Soviet Union.

Problem: Japan now faces possible war with Great Britain (red-lined), United States (ally of Great Britain), and outside chance of war with Germany (Green Causus Belli, share most treaties with, but not a formal Ally - on purpose, as Germany is in a rather undramatic war with Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries.)

Japan is well along in research Advanced Prop Aircraft and Jet Engine aircraft, completed Naval Vessels tech to 1946.....

- what follows is that Japan has no naval ship designs for Naval Vessels 1946 or Naval Vessels 1951......and, very limited, under-rated designs for the few available aircraft under Advance Prop Aircraft and Jet Engine (two aircraft, if you count the R2Y recon design).

* Compared to new Aircraft designs coming from Germany, Great Britain, or United States, when either of the latter two technologies are developed - Japanese aircraft cannot compete with current ratings for F4U Corsair, P-38J/L Lightning, F8F Bearcat, late-model Spitfires (F.XVI, F.22) and Spiteful, or Me-109K, Me-262, and other designs;

.....and, the lack of ship designs, japan is in deep trouble with no way out.

* At an earlier period, Bathagor and I exchanged a large number of late-WW Two and post-war design options for Japan (and, other countries, including Germany) that would cover the post-WW Two years, into the 1960s. These included a missile-armed version of Yamato BB, several cruiser designs from 1944, ASW and guided-missile destroyers, etc. (and, comparable designs for Germany, France and other countries).

Those designs are now seriously needed for the SR-36/SRU/SRGW games.

* * Suggestion: Allow Eliminated designs, or at least 50% , available to captured nations, to become available by the victorious side.

In the above, one example, Soviet Union's late-war designs (Yak-9, early-generation jets, Sverdlov CL and later CG, Stalingrad class BC, various Kotlin DD/DDG and Kanin DDG classes, Quebec and Romeo sub designs - and, as Tech's continue to be completed, much more advanced designs would become available to Japan.

It should not be that hard to program that option.

Thanks for looking into. :-)

[Also posting on SR-36/SRU for those who only have those games]

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Re: SRGW/SR-36/SRU - Gaining access to Enemy Unit Designs after Capture

#2 Post by Balthagor » Aug 06 2017

relocated thread (then noticed comment about also post)

When posting issues, if related to 1925+ it should be in SRU sections.
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Re: SRGW/SR-36/SRU - Gaining access to Enemy Unit Designs after Capture

#3 Post by dax1 » Aug 13 2017

I always support "Region Code capture" !!!
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Re: SRGW/SR-36/SRU - Gaining access to Enemy Unit Designs after Capture

#4 Post by SGTscuba » Aug 13 2017

dax1 wrote:I always support "Region Code capture" !!!
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