SR36/SRU - CV-1 Revised Air Squadron capacity

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SR36/SRU - CV-1 Revised Air Squadron capacity

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 05 2017

Game: SR-36 and SRU......please consider revising the current 2 x Air Squadron capacity of the aircraft carrier.

For an aircraft carrier available after completion of Steam Catapult systems, at 31,000-tons, the ship is equivalent to a
Angled-Deck, modernized "Essex" class (like ORISKANY conversion and modernization), which thru the Vietnam War maintained a air group of roughly 72 aircraft, when operating at full capacity, with mixed jet and prop aircraft.

CV-1 Current capacity: 2

Suggested capacity: 4 x Squadrons (72 aircraft)

Thanks for considering. :-)

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