SR36/SRU - Great Britain and Egypt relationship

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SR36/SRU - Great Britain and Egypt relationship

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 03 2017

There was a growing hostility to Great Britain from the late-30s in Egypt.

Egypt was a self-governing member of the Commonwealth, rules by a King, and with its own relatively small military.

Most of the hostility came from the Egyptian Officer Corps. We it not for declaration of war with the German invasion of Poland, Great Britain would have faced a "revolt" of the Egyptian military in early 1940, led by several Egyptian colonels - Sadat, Nasser, and others. The Egyptian officers opposed the continued domination and deriving revenues from the Suez Canal in part.

As such, some changes can be made to the relationship of diplomacy, civilian etc. ratings

Egypt Great Britain

Diplomatic - Light Green Light Green

Civilian - Light Red [as is]

Casus Belli - Light Orange [as is]

Thanks for considering.

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