SRU - Japanese Early War on Soviet Union - suggestion

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SRU - Japanese Early War on Soviet Union - suggestion

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jul 23 2017

In SRU Sandbox, Japan declared war on the Soviet Union about 3-weeks into the game. There are several problems of historical proportion that would suggest such a declaration of war should be much later in the game.

The March 1936 start-date is a year-plus before Tokyo's military establishment decides a "Go North" policy is for the interim, the way Japan must go to meet future industrial and agricultural needs. The alternative, advocated by the Navy, was a "Go South" strategy, which would have run directly counter to the existing Anglo-Japanese Treaty (with Great Britain), as well as likely provoked immediate war with France and The Netherlands (because the policy advocate seizure of Indo-China and the Dutch East Indies (DEI), immediately, to capture agricultural, oil and other resources.

This is also long before Nomonhan Incident / Nomonhan jiken (May-Sep '39) fought on the border areas of Mongolia and Manchukuo (Manchuria).


* * Japan should not be able to declare war - as a matter of AI choice - earlier than May 1937,

at which time the AI should decide IF: 1. War with China; or, 2. War with Soviet Union (USSR).

In SR-36, playing Sandbox as USSR, China declared war with Japan in '37 - also a rather ahistorical declaration that should be reviewed. China was in no position to be declaring war on Japan, given China lack of preparations in the game on this date, and that Japan had not attack China at any location (such as historical Shanghai).

[Side Note] This Chinese declaration of war on Japan was like national suicide for the SR-36 game now playing against AI, as Japan. Japan goes on to conquer China, occupy Indochina when France is about to collapse, then Dutch East Indies (DEI), and then the Soviet Union in a long land war. Date is now Feb/ ' thing always leads to another in Supreme Ruler!

BG, please review and look at how imbalanced a Japanese early-declaration of war is in relationship to the lack of production facilities, etc that were historical for the USSR in the Far East.....they just are not there, except for two Naval Shipyards (Komsomolsk-na-Amur and Vladivostok).

Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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