SRU - FR-1 Fireball interceptor

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SRU - FR-1 Fireball interceptor

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Suggestion: some technical data and a need for a Tech change, with hybrid (multi-engine) Ryan FR-1 Fireball.

Country: U.S.
Region: North America

UNIT: # 9769 FR-1 Fireball

* Technology: Jet Engine; [retain Advanced Aero Piston Engine]

The aircraft used a General Electric J31-GE-3 turbojet, in combination with R-1820-72 piston engine.

* Speed: 650 km/hr.
* Range: 2,610-km (with 2 normal drop tanks)
* Fuel: 5.0 [vice 23]

Performance: current rating is seriously under-rated; suggest:

* Low Air: 17; Mid-Air: 21; Hi-Air: 0
* Attack - Ship: 8

Thanks for looking at. :-)
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