SRU - S-49A Ikarus - changes recommended

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SRU - S-49A Ikarus - changes recommended

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jul 22 2017

The Yugoslav Ikarus S-49 should have some changes, as below:

Country: Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey
Region: Europe

* Year: 1943

* Name: S-49 Ikarus should be: S-49A Ikarus

* Technologies: Improved Fighter Armament; Air Force Production 1943

* Pic #483

Comments: The S-49A was only designed so late because Yugoslavia was in occupation status through most of the war. It might have been designed as early as 1943/44 otherwise, with help of Germany (MG151/20mm cannon) or the USSR M-105 (VK-105) - whose engine began production in Factory No.26 in October 1939 (and, was also used to upgrade the Finish M-S. 406 aircraft late in the war). The Russian LaGG-3 used the M-105P version of the engine.

Either the Russians or Germans could have provided comparable engines or heavy machine gun/cannon armament.

Yugoslavia's Rogozarski IK-7 was already being planned for a DB-601A engine, which would have made this design viable in '43/44 as well. Both designs would have been within comparable other designs of a year or two earlier: Me-109E-7, A6M-5b Model 52 Zeke, Spitfire Vc or Lavochkin La-7.

Nothing will imbalance the game by inclusion at a earlier than historical date.

Thanks for looking at.

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