SR-36/SRU - Don't land there, we're going to Crash !@! Flying Boats & Floatplanes

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SR-36/SRU - Don't land there, we're going to Crash !@! Flying Boats & Floatplanes

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jul 22 2017

Pilot.....look out, we are going to CRASH !@!

Heaven help the copilot and crew who has to yell this out during a landing event.....the result of a flying boat
or floatplane attempting a landing on a Supreme Ruler Airfield or Air Base!!!

SR-36 and SRU have a plethora of flying boats and floatplanes, but they are treated properly - the issue is going to get more extremely out of sync when SRGW become available.

* * Floatplanes must land on WATER - not asphalt, concrete, or grass / dirt airfield (or air bases).

* * Amphibian aircraft, such the Consolidated PBY-5/-6 Catalina and Grumman designs (J2F Duck, G-21/JRF, HU-16), Martin JRM Mars and P-5A Marlin, are capable of landing on either water or hard surfaces.

Amphibian aircraft were usually landed close to shore, taxi over a underwater dolly, maneuvered to be above the dolly, and then towed ashore by a tractor vehicle, where servicing could be accomplished; or, were crane lifted aboard Seaplane Tender's. When no direct support facilities ashore were available, refueling was often done by a fuel hose ashore linked with a buoy offshore; or, even a offshore refueling barge (or gasoline tanker).

* * Some of the current Seaplanes in SR-36/SRU include: PBM-5A Mariner, PB2Y-3 Coronado, Kawanishi H6K (Mavis) and H8K (Emily), Beriev Be-6 (Madge) and Be-10 (Mail);
* * Some of the Floatplanes include: N1K1 Kyofu, F1M1 (Pete), E16A1 Zuiun (Auspicious Cloud), E10K, E7K,
Saab-17, etc.

In forthcoming SRGW, there are some 50 different, distinctive flying boat designs (and a very few floatplane designs - Curtiss R-6, Hansa-Brandenburg LW, NW) that should be included, representing Austro-Hungary, Germany, France, U.S., Italian, and U.K. designs of the 1914-18 war. [Later, most Japanese designs represented license production of various European designs, until Japan began building its own, mature designs.].

It is not realistic to expect floatplanes and flying boats not to be able to use water hexes.


* * Flying boats and amphibian designs should be allowed to land and takeoff from any Water AND Land (combined) hex, whether it is part of a lake, river, or ocean fronting hex.

* * This will require BG to add a column in the ACCESS file to denote the design is either a Flying Boat or Amphibian.....would not take long to do scrub.

Given the nearly all maritime patrol aircraft in SRGW are either flying boats or floatplanes, it is an essential part of such a representative war that they have their proper characteristics.

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Re: SR-36/SRU - Don't land there, we're going to Crash !@! Flying Boats & Floatplanes

#2 Post by bowtie » Jun 13 2018

Bump. This would be awesome. I've often thought about this as well.

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