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Re: Sounds

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Zuikaku wrote:
PyongYang wrote:
Zuikaku wrote:Am I missing something here or am I the only one playing music on the Winamp or FM radio in the background?? :o
If I run SR with anything else in the background, my laptop will MELT!
My laptop burned out while playing SRCW. The parts of the motherboard just melted. Now, I just use desktop PC :D
It's more of an principal question, you should not have to buy a powerful PC to run the game with all it's features and no one here has the right to demand it. It is more reasonable for the customer expressing their disatification with an game feature that should be up to standard. Therefor the game music should increase or support the customers gameplay, which not all agree that it does. Fixing this issue is relative easy, one option is randomizing the existing music, another(which I opted for till my next mod version) is creative commons music.
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