Foriegn bases

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Re: Foriegn bases

Post by Col_Travis » wrote:What if it were limited to just major world powers via how much building capacity they have. For instance maybe in order to get a military building treaty for land forces to show up in the diplomacy scr een you'd have to have 25 active land fabrications. Same for air and sea but maybe smaller requirements. This would limit it to only major world powers having bases around the globe.
What about the UK and France, or the BRD and Cuba?
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Re: Foriegn bases

Post by Ruges »

Who should be able to use foreign bases? Anyone that needs it. If its a player country then that player should be the one choosing if it needs a foreign base or not. For the AI, its simple, If they are fighting in a foreign war, and there are no bases to send its units to repair, it should request the treaty from a bordering allied nation to build a base on there territory.
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Re: Foriegn bases

Post by number47 »

Zuikaku, how about this? :D
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Re: Foriegn bases

Post by xeeks »

I like this idea very much... This comes close to providing modern day military bases around the world...
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