Suggestions for Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen

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Suggestions for Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen

Post by Themis »

Dear Battlegoat Studio's

Hello i know its very early,to talk about Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen but i have some suggestions about Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen

1st a good strong modding support-editor to be able to import 3d models,units,buildings,create new nations etc

2nd playable Rebels-insurgents for example through editor,will be able to create a rebel group and try to conquer the enemy country-world,with custom flag,army-units.

3nd fund insurgents in enemy lands for example when we create a country as country be able to fund rebels ( of the same ideology,religious etc) in enemy country.

4nd Newspaper and general news about our presence if we win a war-battle.

5nd Diplomacy between rebel groups for example arms deals,recruits etc.

I hope those suggestions even if its early will be reality thanks for your time devs.
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Re: Suggestions for Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen

Post by SixthtySixthSix »

def would like message system more thorough
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Re: Suggestions for Superme Ruler Ultimate Next-Gen

Post by D.B. Cooper »

All of the OP's suggestions are great but I think a must have to take SR to the next level is improving immersion.

Its hard to explain but the way Eversim immerses you as a world leader in Power and Revolution is the only thing that makes people buy that terrible game.

The newspapers, the little tv cutscenes where you give speeches. Just about everything you do someone somewhere is going to react.

You can schedule meetings with just about any type of person you can think of, even your mom and dad.

The way the counter terrorism works and how detailed espionage is.

SRU with those types of additions is all it needs IMO.
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