Carrier AI

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Carrier AI

#1 Post by arakan94 » Oct 10 2018

AI cannot handle carriers properly - when given full control over both navy and air force, carriers behave like any other ship and go patrolling without any air wings.

AI code for carriers should check if there's a wing placed on carrier. If not, it should leave it in port. If there is and it is to be sent for patrol, some escort ships (those that are located closest?) should accompany it to provide AA and ASW. If there is no escort available, AI shouldn't send it on patrol.

Auto-assigning air wings should be also added (possibly with on/off checkbox for player) - AI should look for carrier-capable air wing stationed on land air base or placed in reserves. If none exist, it should place the order for it (if autobuild is enabled).

Air wings assigned to carrier should never automatically rebase somewhere else - even with full AI control - expect for repairs or switch to more modern planes.

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Re: Carrier AI

#2 Post by mrgenie » Oct 11 2018

You are correct.

I put this request forward already a while ago to have all naval ships not just move randomly always but combined tactics.

UBoots sometimes move alone randomly so hard to take them out all at once: Nuclear retaliation strategy.
Uboots to take out enemy transports, wolf-pack strategy in smaller groups

so there are viable reasons for some naval ships to move single but also in groups. AI doesn't do that yet.

But on top of that you also have of course the strike group
1 AC accompanied by 2 or 3 subs, supply ship, aegis, destroyer, etc.

And you have sometimes the strategy of forming a group of strike groups, 2 or 3 carriers together against the enemy.

This "leveling" of naval warfare is not available yet.

And of course the "fleet" concept.

Or the landing amphibious assault concept.

I'm sure BG is working on it behind the scenes :)

Sidenote: Battleships vs land units just WAY WAY WAY OVERPOWERED!!!!

note the marks from those that landed on D-Day, that the barrage from all the ships on the sea striking at German bunkers had some effect but not much.

In SR with 2 battleships I can simply take out an army of 100.000 troops in no-time! That's completely BS in real life.

I.e. invading the UK. I just send 2 battleships to any US coastal city and 2 light armored divisions.. and 100% I destroy the whole UK land army with just
these 2 battleships destroying literally 100% anything in their range before they even get close to my 2 light divisions.

Total overpowered!

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Re: Carrier AI

#3 Post by SGTscuba » Nov 24 2018

I'd also like to add to this that its annoying when you have planes fly over a carrier and they straight away rebase inside them. is there anyway this could be disabled as I have to make lines facing in the right direction for a whole strike to be launched without a load of the planes rebasing.
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