Gun Emplacement Facility

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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#31 Post by merlinx_at » Oct 08 2016

Zuikaku wrote:My gun emplacements are without targets for now.
But what I woul'd like to propose is:

- Air defense sites do not have generic values any more. They have 4 "slots" that can be filled with real air defense battalions (guns or SAMs). That woul'd make much more sense. Only one per hex possible

- Fortifications can hold up to 8 additional land unit battalions per hex and provide additional defense bonuses for them (something like air bases for plair units). Only one per hex allowed. That woul'd make fortified hexes much tougher nuts to crack.

And cities should also be able to hold more regular battalions in addition to garrisons.
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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#32 Post by esavier » Jul 01 2017

above ideas are great, will they be considered?

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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#33 Post by djyoung813 » Sep 27 2017

Only found it remotely useful when I placed multiple in a close proximity, inefficient.

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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#34 Post by Cdiplayer » Dec 31 2017

I have a recommendation, you should be able to build gun emplacements, air defense, and fortifications around emplacements. As of now you can't do that even though in the 1914 there are some emplacements that have gun emplacements around them.

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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#35 Post by Kristijonas » Apr 23 2018

gun emplacements really need some buffing to do going up in technology because in modern and onward ages they are nearly useless. I understand they ARE nearly useless in modern day, but they are not COMPLETELY useless, so it would be nice if they would have at least some buffs. After all, better defensive buildings means wars will tend to be longer, as is more realistic, than just steamroll-and-forget.

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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#36 Post by YoMomma » Apr 23 2018

Wars will last longer for you? AI doesnt build them. Also i dont see a way how AI can be teached to build them at the right spots and do not use them like a player since they dont entrench. It should be useless for now. Open a topic on how to mod this and you can change it however you like.
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Re: Gun Emplacement Facility

#37 Post by bowtie » Jun 05 2018

I love this thing and use it regularly for harbour defence in choke points, and adjacent to my seaports. Its not perfect, but its good for reducing the enemy numbers when they inevitably try and land at your seaports

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